Cœur Grenadine was born in Lille in 2017 from an observation: the current model of the fashion industry must evolve!

To evolve fashion 

This evolution is necessary for:

  • Enable each actor in the value chain to be properly considered and paid (regardless of the country in which they are located),
  • Offer clothing designed in a sustainable approach on both the human plan and the environmental plan ,
  • Offer customers all the necessary information about the location and conditions of their garment production so they can buy with knowledge of cause.

But it is also important to remember that women and fashion is a love story that can never be extinguished! <3
There is no question of ignoring the style! For too long already, responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion, as we may call it, has been considered as artisanal, not trendy, ... This time is over! The glitter woman * of Cœur Grenadine reveal that you can be glamorous, sexy, trendy and responsible!

This is how the Grenadine Heart adventure begins! <3

The Wild West collection

This summer we had the pleasure to offer you 5 models of fresh t-shirts like roaches and since the beginning of September, we offer our first complete collection with dress, shirt, pants and tutti quanti through our Wild West collection !!

This collection was made in the insertion workshop in the Hauts-de-France by 8 women sequins, 8 women beneficiaries of the RSA and thanks to this wonderful workshop regain confidence to bounce back to a more serene professional life after experiencing difficulties.

The making of our Wild West collection in the insertion workshop.

In addition, all the clothes of the Wild West collection were made from fine rolls of fabrics from major fashion houses.

This allows to :

  • limit the environmental impact by avoiding a process of production of new tissues (highly polluting),
  • limit waste by using a fabric to be discarded,
  • produce original clothes in limited series,
  • benefit from lower purchase costs that directly affect the selling price to the customer.

Alors, Ready? GO !!

* Glitter woman: woman who shines by his intelligence, his energy, his almost permanent smile. Also said are women attracted by all that glitters (ex: balls with facets, jackets rhinestones, pancakes with butter).