Beautiful and good products!

We are committed to doing our best to provide women with quality products that last over time but are also respectful of people and nature!
And because there is not only one way of doing ethical fashion, we offer according to the collections:
products made of ecological, natural or organic materials.
products made of recycled materials (old clothes, plastic bottles, etc ...)
products made from scraps of fabrics (ex: end of stocks of high fashion houses).

Transparency please !

Si la perfection n’existe pas, la transparence se doit d’être reine dans la mode éthique ! Notre objectif est de faire de notre mieux, plutôt que de ne rien faire du tout par peur de se faire taper sur les doigts ! Ainsi, pour chaque produit, nous vous indiquons son/ses grande(s) qualité(s) et son/ses petit(s) défaut(s) en espérant progressivement tendre vers un idéal de mode éthique !
The information is not always easy to find according intermediaries but it is promised: we tell you everything we know!

A social commitment in the confection!

Our Wild West collection was made in an reintegration workshop in the north of France. In this workshop, 8 women beneficiaries of the RSA and in professional difficulty before their hiring, find confidence and love of the realization of clothes.

The Wild West collection has been entirely designed from fine fabric rolls (Europeans) from large seam houses. This process avoids a new production of fabric (very polluting!) As well as a waste and allows to produce quality clothes!