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Beautiful and good products!

We are committed to doing our best to provide women with quality products that last over time but are also respectful of people and nature!

Nos collections sont intégralement conçues à partir de fins de rouleaux de tissus (européens) de grandes maisons de coutures. Ce procédé évite une nouvelle production de tissu (très polluante !) ainsi qu’un gaspillage et permet de produire des vêtements de qualité !

Transparency please !

If perfection does not exist, transparency must be queen in ethical fashion!

Our goal is to do our best, rather than do nothing at all for fear of being slapped on the fingers!

Thus, for each product, we show you his / her high quality (s) and his / her small defect (s) hoping gradually to strive towards an ideal of ethical fashion!
The information is not always easy to find according intermediaries but it is promised: we tell you everything we know!

Social matters in the production !

Our Wild West collection was made in an reintegration workshop in the north of France. In this workshop, 8 women beneficiaries of the RSA and in professional difficulty before their hiring, find confidence and love of the realization of clothes.

For our spring-summer 2019 collection we will work with a second insertion workshop based in the Paris region. It supports women in precarious situations and supports migrant women with HIV.


retour sous 14 jours et remboursement sur le mode de paiement utilisé.


sauf précision sur le produit et livraison à l'étranger.


we depend on the ends of fabrics that we find, it makes you even more unique!